The story of a creative and intuitive couple who discovered the incredible world of crystals

We are an intuitive couple and family always looking for creativity and new paths of personal development.

The discovery of the world of crystals was a real revelation for us, which gave birth to a desire to create with these fabulous treasures of nature, spiritual jewels inspiring happiness and balance.

We wanted to offer a unique boutique of creations born of our positive vision of the energy of objects. We believe intimately that each stone has a unique energy, which can help guide us towards our path of full health, well-being and personal fulfillment.

In our vision of life the practice of rituals that release the magic of the energies that surround us, are a cornerstone of well-being and spiritual fulfillment, which is why we also wish to propose creations that will help you in these complementary practices.

Namaste to all on the path of light.

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